Saturday, April 28, 2007

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Extinct Fauna --- Do you miss them?

Perhaps people with unrepaired hare-lips may miss the hare-lip sucker. Nature appears to have filled in the ecological gaps left by the carolina parakeets and the passenger pigeons and most other extincted fauna. I sorta miss the sabre-tooth tigers but the cats we now have fill the gap since there are no more wooly mammoths nor boars that required 15 strong men to carry nor even those huge aurochs that were the pride of Poles as recently as the 17th century.

I've heard there are Russians working on a project to bring the wooly mammoths back. They must be the most missed of extincts.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Re: Horror of VT mass slaughter

Fox News Channel wants to protect us from the horror of 'Cho's Manifesto Package'. I've gotten a few glimpses of his video and suppose worse may have been shown on NBC tv. It would be more equitable if the media gave us a choice about viewing this material; but, of course, they would rather play nanny and make the decisions for us [just like legislators are prone to do].

Those of us who would choose to view the whole thing are not necessarily 'sickos motivated by morbid curiosity'. There are important lessons for the future of humanity to be learned from looking deeply and clearly into such material; the apparently 'most-qualified', the academically certificated are often misled by their narrow specializations and bias.

Many of us distance ourselves from such perpetrators, often attempting to dehumanize them verbally to increase our separateness. But we do share the uncanny dynamics of human nature with them and "homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto" [I am human therefore I think nothing human to be alien from me] as Ciciero, Seneca, and Terence wrote so long ago. One doesn't have to believe that we are all one big soul [*Grapes of Wrath*] to be able to appreciate this.

Horror of VT mass slaughter

The horror of the Virginia Tech mass slaughter!

Were they casualties of one boy's war?

What was he really warring against? Wasn't he envious of the opulently successful like his sister with her important position with the U.S. State Department? Extreme sibling rivalry?

*The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith*, an Australian novel by Thomas Kenneally, give one some clue of such a shooter's on-the-spot dynamics. Cho Seung-Hui was, of course, much less innocent and much more cold-blooded than the character, Jimmy Blacksmith.