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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Human Blood Sacrifice in Qinghai, P.R.C.

Mountain Gods continue to receive human blood sacrifices (Bon tradition) in Qinghai Province, P.R.C. as seen in this news report video:

About Qinghai Province:

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Immanuel Velikovsky & Cultural Amnesia

Papers of the 1974 international symposium at the University of Lethbridge regarding Immamuel Velikovsky's works:

Especially interesting for me is the fifth paper, by Irving Wolfe, proposing that catastrophic experiences are metamorphosed in the Collective Consciousness of the artists' Unconscious, providing inspiration for works of narrative art:

Review: The Riverrun Trilogy by S.P. Somtow

The Riverrun Trilogy' by S.P. Somtow is one of the most enthralling novels I've read. The story is told in the first person, by several of the characters; each character relating individual perspective on events. Literary quotes, often poetic, occur in the beginnings of each long chapter, thus setting the mood for coming events. Characters are well developed and the story enrapturing, making one care how it may unfold.
This book makes me look into my own sociological workings, as well as the characters'. There are some memorable quotables to be found therein: for a little taste, "You've spent your entire life mythologizing the mundane. . . . Is that not the function of poetry?"p. 148; "Sometimes when I dream of Katastrofa she is like a dragon and she sucks me into herself and folds her wings around me---"p. 21; "Every man IS an island. The universe splits off a million million times each millisecond, and each of us carries a private universe around with him wherever he goes. Where the universes intersect, that's when we think we encounter other people and we think they are our friends and our parents and the other people we love. But we never really know them because we never cross from our little bubble of reality into theirs."p. 82.
I recommend this book to anyone (who can tolerate a little sexual content and explicit language).
Would that it were better known, so more could enjoy it!

Friday, August 21, 2009

S.P. Somtow: The Riverrun Trilogy

I'm finding the reading of Somtow Papinian Sucharitkul (surname is first) a strong tonic to my imagination. I had been reading only the Greek and Latin classics for the past few years. The text is The Riverrun Trilogy, 1996 edition, in English.
ISBN 1-56865-194-5

William Blake Tarot of CreatIve Imagination

This tarot (for my Self at this time anyway) is the ultimate object of contemplation.

Check the links at the Yahoo group for more info:

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Euphoria is medically recognized as an affect (emotional and mental state) defined as a series of great elation and well-being. The term is is often used colloquially to define an emotion of intense transcendental happiness combined with an overwhelming sense of well-being. In Greek the word ἘΥΦΟΡΊΑ [frequentative from εὖ + φερεῖν] means "power of easily bearing or carrying, contentment, sense of well-being, grace of movement, fertility".
Euphoria is generally considered to be an exaggerated state resulting from psychological or pharmacological stressors and not typically achieved during the course of human experience, although some natural behaviors, such as acivities resulting in orgasm or the triumph of an athlete, can induce brief states of euphoria. Euphoria has also been cited during certain religious or spiritual rituals and meditation.
Kakaphoria, if such a were word used by the Ancient Greeks, would mean the opposite to euphoria.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Oregon sk8board parkrats & the Portland Paradise

All about the Portland Paradise

Oregon sk8boardparks


August 21 Update: But digg this new skatepark in Shanghai, China:

RadioHead's 'Harry Patch (in memory of)'

Harry Patch, recently dying at 111 years of age, was the last survivor of UK's World War I military forces. He had, and is himself, a message for us.

One may enjoy this eerily beautiful song through the player in the article.

Friday, August 07, 2009

'Cult of Personality'

'Cult of personality', a concept which appears to have been coined by Karl Marx, seems to be the dynamic underlying the creation of mythic heroes down through the ages. This can be seen with clearest objectivity in reading the Greek Classics, especially the Iliad, Xenophon, Thucydides and Herodotus. Among the Ancient Greeks there were temples and even worship, including prayer and sacrifices, of demigods and heroes.