Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy New Year!

This is the springing of the year in the lunar cycle.

May all sentient beings live well, prospering in peace and love!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Le Coup de Foudre

I mean "love at first sight" or rather hearing, pertaining to instant bonding with certain pieces of music.
I find myself amazed at these bondings I experience upon hearing certain pieces of music. The most recent of these experiences occurred while watching episode 14 of Samurai Champloo on Cartoon Network when I first heard Ikue Asazaki singing "Obokuri Eemui", a traditional Okinowan song. It is not available on any of the Samurai Champloo soundtrack albums, but only on the Okinowan CD, *UTABA UTAYUN*, which does not appear to be available on this side of the Pacific Ocean, unfortunately.

I did find a brief sampling of "Obokuro Kemui" near the beginning of "A Children's Poem" at just prior to the James Dickey poem about animal heaven.

Recent brain research indicates that bonding may be the result of release of a hormone in the limbic system. I think it's called oxytocin. Oxytocin, some brain researchers claim, forms a cocktail with norepinephrin and dopamine to produce the effect we interpret as love. The scientist I heard discussing this claimed that the absence of oxytocin from the limbic cocktail results in lust rather than love.

The French for "love at first sight" literally means "struck by lightning"; like Bilbo Baggins in Tolkiens' *The Hobbit*. The ancient greeks believed anything struck by lightning became sacred and uncanny forevermore.


Thursday, February 08, 2007

New Mythologies

I think that new mythologies are not as likely to develop from the
thinking intellectual and literary populations as from semiliterate
and poorly media-acculturated. Prison populations and 'hoods', barrios
and ghettos produce more myth and effective change than scientists,
academics, or think tanks. Look, for example at the mythic
attraction of youths to gangs and drugs!

What about hip-hop culture?

These are like the tips of icebergs in our cultural seas.


aude dilucide spectare

Monday, February 05, 2007

Invocation for Brigid

"Once again the Goddess arises from her slumber to
Walk abroad on the face of the Earth. Close your eyes and see
Her with me now.
Far away, across the Irish sea, She stirs in her sleep,
wakens, stretching and yawning, and rises to begin Her
journey. She walks through still frozen woods, and as She passes,
She brings the first stirrings of life to tender buds buried
beneath the snow.

She passes…and as She passes, the small burrowing creatures
rouse themselves, to behold her with eyes still heavy with sleep.

She passes…and as She passes, the groundhog senses Her
presence in his dreams. And he wakes, climbing from his
burrow for one brief hour, and as She passes, the groundhog
sees her shadow.

She passes…and as She passes, buds and wondering creatures
and groundhog all hear Her voice as wind in the barren
branches of the trees. And She whispers a promise that
Spring will come again. Not yet, not now, but soon, soon…

She passes…and as She passes, She walks over mountains
and hills, through the land that is her home.
And Her steps lengthen and She walks over the waters of the ocean
and through the deserts, and still She is home, for the Earth
itself is Her home, the very planet is Her domain.

And She passes…and She rouses our slumbering hearts
with Her passing, with Her voice murmuring in the wind.

And now She is here with us, She passes by us now,
nudging us from our winter dreams. Let’s invite Her to
linger awhile with us, to pause in Her journey and join our
circle, by lighting a sacred fire. In Her homeland, in Kildare,
Her priestesses kept a sacred fire burning at all times on the
hearth of Her temple. Let us now relight that holy flame,
rekindle the fires of Kildare. Let us gaze into the flames and
see the face of Brigid." ---Anonymous


Saturday, February 03, 2007


Mooninite ilumines heron

Which has the more beauty?

Ignignokt claims the heron

when beset by Boston crabs.

nekkid [with help from Hannibal Rising]