Tuesday, September 26, 2006

now yin ... now yang

>> We need both modalities. Like the Taoists say, Now yin ...
> now yang. <<

Walking the walk: now yin ... now yang, being

that is the highest principle, the Tai Chi, the por-

tal between dimensions, walking in fields of Tao;

god-like, we are living in America maybe Elysium:

Amerika ist Wundebar! CoCola! Poka Doxy Bikinis.

Ja, Rammstein Bundschen, this story is about love!

The love of freedom! Liberty must be defended!
Self-determination for all requires discipline or
else one will trespass on others' rights and liberty.


Amerika by Rammstein

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Return of the Madhi

In the early Seventies when I first read the scfi novel Dune, there was not much knowledge of Islam or the Shiah in my neck of the woods. Over the years since, the terminology of Dune has become progressively more prominent.
Now the President of Iran works and prays for the Raj'a [return] of the Mahdi, Muhammad al-Madhi, the 'hidden one', the Twelfth Imam. This is apocalypse, Shia style. Meanwhile the most radical insist the world must be cleansed with blood to prepare his return. Interesting how Frank Herbert based his sci-fi mythology on this.

Role of Hidden Imam

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Deutsche Welle reports a hidden TB epidemic which will begin sufacing with millions of deaths soon. Two billion people, it is claimed, are infected; that's every third human on earth. HIV, usually accompanied by TB, is rampant in Eastern Europe.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I and eye: authentic utility

I and eye: authentic utility

all beings eye see amaze me with beauty

that is lost when I name/classify/value

in the trance of custom and 'education'.

nekkid [hypotithemenos] September 14, '06

an interesting poem found in the Internet:

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

gasps in the night?

Hearing the call of
Being, not Allah but
excited gasps in the
play of that eternal
threesome funning their
games of knucklebones:
Eros, Ganymede, Anteros:
La illaha illa Allah ...
ha! ha! ha!

nekkid...5 September 2006

Monday, September 04, 2006

Heidegger, Hannah, & das Unheimliche

Uncanny beings deformed my first attempt at this post on Martin Heidegger and Hannah Arendt. That brilliant duo of philosophers are so opposite to each other and also so complementary. I am currently reading Hannah's *Life of the Mind* and Martin's *Mindfulness* and studying the ancient greek language. A couple of years ago I spent many hours reading Heidegger's *Being and Time*, *Parmenides* and the *Zollikon Seminars*. These all work together furthering my comprehension and understanding.

The last word on Osho?

Is this the 'last word' on the 'Bhagavan'? Did he succeed in his 'Ego destruction'?

"Wise Kakapibeer and professional story tellers, I mean Satsang sellers, have many World Masters in mind like Socrates, Jesus and Buddha Bhagwan, the purest. This Indian majestic mouth piece preached all life long ''ego-destruction'', and HE walked HIS talk. Hallelujah!...
Bhagwan was not satisfied with His terror regime Rajneespuram, His ''taste-of-fascism'', Bhagwan could not enjoy His cult show more than several years with smiling silence. He enjoyed more to destroy HIS EGO creation of the ''10.000 idiots'' - fully under control of His Super-Pussies in Power....
30 years later Bhagwan parrots line up from HIS disciples like Kakapibear. Above all Kakapibear praises his Master alive, the pure blond Buddha Blobdidarmwand. This guy loves to play 'door keeper' - disguised as anonymous violent Nemo -for shitspitual circles. Both guys continue Bhagwan's work of EGO reduction: They reduce people to 'disciples', building up themselves in EGO fulfilment - with or without Rolls-Royces.
Even hard times in hospitals Kakapibear sells to his astonished audience as 'karma balancing' - after his certified 'energy liberation'.

These kind of Bhagwan disciples, who have reached fulfilment as 'super minds' are always right. They are totally in tune with GOD's Master Plan. They continue the tradition of Great Generals in Guantanamo Gulags. Either you agree and adore them or you better get lost!

That's the truth about teachers today. But what happened in Sannyass Cult history, when Bhagwan and his woman Vivek died?"

There is much more at:

Sunday, September 03, 2006

pantes anthropoi tou eidenai oregontai phusei

I ran across this quote from Aristotle, Metaphysics I.1 in Hannah Arendt's unfinished masterpiece [matches her lover's *Seyn und Zeit*] *Human Mind*. Hannah claimed the 'oregontai' literally meant "to have seen, i.e., to know". Her ancient greek is not as sharp as her thinking: I found that 'oregontai' is the middle voice of 'oregein' [oregw] and means to reach out for or metaphorically, to desire. 'eidenai' is the infinitive of 'oida' and means to see.
I'm still a little puzzled by the 'tou'; apparently the singular masculine or neuter genitive form of the definite article, it is the only genitive in the sentence.